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Lemon Jedi
Taking Orders from Dispensaries & Processors Now
Indica Hybrid        High THC
Lemon Jedi is a variety developed by Dark Horse Genetics to deliver extreme potency and enormous yields of resin and terpenes.
This polyhybrid is the result of crossing Obi Wan OG with Joe's Lemonade, both of which are OG Kush hybrids with a marked citrus aroma.

Its aroma is complex and very intense, combining hints of lemon and citrus with nuances of fuel, earth and exotic notes, markedly Kush, on a sweet Skunk-like background.

When consumed, it offers an extremely strong and long-lasting effect, very psychoactive at the cerebral level, but also very intense at the physical level, relaxing body and mind.

As for the resin production, it is nothing less than spectacular, coating the flowers and nearby leaves with huge white trichomes, making it a perfect strain to make cannabis concentrates of the most powerful and aromatic kind, it makes particularly spectacular live resin.

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